Photoshop assignment



For my poster, I decided to do a poster of the famous show Mad Men, but with a feminist and surrealist twist. In fact, I decided to use one of the show’s main characters, Betty Draper, in one of her most memorable scenes, where grabs her son’s BB pistol and shoots her neighbor’s pigeon, while dressed in her pink and fluffy pyjamas, cigarette hanging on her lips. This imagery is a strong symbolism of the oppression of women in the 1960s and the trapped lives of housewives that was imposed by society. Although the show does have very strong female characters and addressed, even satirizes, the sexist comments of their male counterparts, I wanted to make a poster that empowered the victims. This is the main reason why I switched the red color of the show’s main logo for a fuchsia pink, as a may to reclaim this colour in a more empowered point of view. Also, the purple and starry background not only sets the surrealist tone to the poster, but with the yellow New York skyline, the two objects form a background similar to the one from the famous 60s TV show Bewtiched. I was inspired by this show because it follows the story of a housewife and it was aired during the same era that Mad Men takes place. Plus, the New York skyline is obviously there to indicate that the story mostly takes place in the Big Apple. Finally, I altered Betty’s appearance to make her appear more like an oil painting because I think it suits the aesthetic of the poster, but this scene is also very transformative and crucial in her character development. Therefore, I wanted to immortalize that.


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