Final Project: Photo essay

My maternal grandmother is a painter and this past weekend, she had her first ever  “vernissage” to showcase her art to our family and closest friends.

Mind you, she’s 94.

Anyone who has met her knows that she is the embodiment of a hard working woman: from raising 8 kids alone after being widowed, to owning her own business, she did everything.

She was also an artist. She painted on her free time, even if it was very limited. However, I always thought her art and her business went hand in hand: she was known for making the most beautiful fur coats and for being an incredibly talented seamstress. I’ve always loved fashion, which I believe I inherited from her.

The amount of work put into making the following pieces not only prove her artistry, but it also shows the dedication she put into everything she did in life.


2004: Flower girl dress. I do not remember wearing this dress, as I was too young to recall this memory, but I’ve seen it so many times in family pictures. The details on the dress truly create a story: from the adorable pink flowers details to the Crayola and food stain on the top part of the dress, this truly is a depiction of me as a child.


2008: My First Communion dress. I was excited about my first communion, not for the event itself, but because I knew my grandmother was going to make my dress. She had made clothes for me before, but this time it felt even more exciting because I knew she was going to make my vision into a real piece. As she was quite old when she made this dress, this is the last piece of clothing she made for me, which is why I cherish it so much.


I remember going to the textile store with her and seeing those exact beads. I begged her to buy them so she can add to my dress, and of course, she did.

The details on her items is the best part for me.


2002: My Brother’s Jacket. This is my brother’s jacket that my grandmother made him, from when he was a young toddler. Even if it never belonged to me, the older I get, the more I appreciate it. It’s literally the coolest jacket I’ve ever seen for a kid, I actually wish I had this jacket today, in my size, so I can wear it all the time.


I’m obsessed with this badge for some reason. Again, the details is the best part.


1989: My Mother’s Wedding Dress. Hands down my favourite of my grandmother’s creations. When I was a little girl, I would go into the basement and admire the dress because it reminded me so much of Cinderella’s famous gown. Now, when I look at it, I have a hard time believing it was a dress from a 1980s wedding and not something from the Victorian era.


Once again, the details just amaze me.




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