About me/Artist Statement

My name is Sara Di Nardo, I am a 4th semester Dawson student in Cinema-Communications. In this program, I have been more focused with the communications side, specifically journalism, when it comes to filmmaking, I believe my biggest strength is scriptwriting. Although I have written many scripts in my spare time and have come up with ideas for different movies, I have only done a few films of my own for my classes. However, I have helped my friends and peers to produce their projects.

In my work, I often outline the female voice, since I believe it is often inaccurately represented and it is also very rare. Specifically, I try to portray the everyday struggles that women have to face, with a realistic approach. Since I have always loved the coming-of-age genre, this style is my main strength and it is what I mostly write about.

This is why I consider Greta Gerwig to be a big influence on my work. Although she has a very young career as a filmmaker, her recent movie Ladybird, which she wrote and directed, truly resonated with me. Her narrative style is authentic, effortless and very honest while ultimately being witty and relatable. This is what I aspire my work to showcase. Sofia Coppola has also been a great influence, specifically with her portrayal of women. In fact, Coppola has a unique way of showing the vulnerability and the loneliness of women onscreen, a strength only she truly upholds. Stories about families in conflict have always fascinated me, which is why I look up to Xavier Dolan and Wes Anderson, since they often use these themes in their films. I also admire their art because of their distinctive and unique styles.

In this course, for the filmmaking aspect, I would like to especially improve my editing skills, specifically with Premium Pro. However, as for the general content, I am looking forward to these upcoming projects since I am mostly unfamiliar with them, especially the poster project and the making of the podcast.